Hey, I'm Ben.

I'm A Huge Fly Fisherman.

Hey, I’m Ben. I’m a huge fly fisherman. I fish a lot, maybe not as much as you, but more than a lot of people. I’ll fish for anything, and I prefer to do it with a fly rod.  

I grew up in Maryland and started fly fishing when I was thirteen years old. When I was sixteen I got a job in a fly shop and I’ve been in “the industry” ever since. After high school, I moved to Colorado to attend college. I earned a degree in fisheries biology and promptly filed it away, never to be used.

After college, I began a successful but temporary career as a dirtbag. I spent my summers as a fly fishing guide and winters as a ski patroller. I fished and/or skied almost every day.  As I got older I got more responsible and stable, but I still fished a lot.

Currently, I’m a dad, husband, boat owner, homeowner, and YouTuber. I fish a lot and travel to fishing destinations as often as I can. My family is often along for the ride, either in an airplane or in a boat.

Thank you for stopping by the website and watching some videos or buying some merch to help support what I’m doing. Stay huge!